15 Best Pixel Art Metroidvania Games Android and iOS

  • December 30, 2023
Metroidvania Games
metroidvania games

Metroidvania games are action-adventure games that feature nonlinear level design and exploration-based gameplay. Players must use special abilities to navigate a large, interconnected world and unlock new areas as they progress. These games often have challenging gameplay and a focus on exploration and blend elements of action, platforming, and puzzle-solving. Examples include the Metroid series, Castlevania series, and Souls series.

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Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a unique blend of genres, combining elements of rogue-lite, Metroidvania games, and action-platformers into one exciting package. Players will journey through a sprawling, constantly evolving castle, fighting their way through enemies in intense 2D combat that draws inspiration from the Souls series.

Dead Cells have no checkpoints, so players must rely on their skills and strategy to make it through. Each death is an opportunity to learn and improve, leading to a cycle of kill, die, learn, repeat as players work towards their ultimate goal. Dead Cells provides hours of intense, rewarding gameplay, whether you’re a seasoned veteran of challenging games or a newcomer looking for a thrilling new experience.

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Another Metroid 2 Remake

Another Metroid 2 Recreation (AM2R) is a fan-made remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus for the Game Boy. It has new aesthetics, abilities, weaponry, and a new enemy AI system. AM2R got significant praise upon its release but also sparked debate due to its status as a fan-made game. Fans of the Metroid franchise continue to enjoy it.

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Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge

In Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge, players take on the role of Willy Jetman, a space garbage collector who must explore a strange alien planet and fight against various enemies using an array of weapons and abilities. The game features fast-paced combat and platforming gameplay, as well as puzzle-solving elements and a story that unfolds through cutscenes and character interactions.

Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge has been well-received by critics and players alike, with many praising its vibrant, cartoonish graphics and enjoyable gameplay. It has also been noted for its challenging difficulty and varied design, encouraging players to explore and discover hidden secrets throughout the game world.

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Castlevania Symphony of the Night

Players take on the role of vampire hunter Alucard as he investigates a mysterious castle that appears out of nowhere in Symphony of the Night. Exploration-based gameplay is featured in the game, with players wandering through a massive, linked castle and using various weapons and abilities to battle foes and solve puzzles.

The nonlinear level design and open-ended nature of Symphony of the Night allow players to explore and discover secrets at their own time. It also included several new gameplay mechanics to the series, such as the ability to morph into several forms and the usage of magic spells. When it was released, the game’s graphics, soundtrack, and plot were all praised, and it has since become a classic of the action-adventure genre.

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Apple Knight

Apple Knight is a role-playing action platformer that provides players with a thrilling and engaging gaming experience. The game challenges players to explore significant levels loaded with secrets, quests, and rich loot in a vivid, beautifully-designed universe. They will encounter a variety of foes along the road, including wizards, knights, and monsters, and will need to utilize their abilities and ingenuity to vanquish them in a fight.

For those who prefer a more planned approach, traps can be used to eliminate adversaries from a safe distance. Apple Knight is a game that has something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the genre. With challenging boss encounters and a diverse set of abilities and weapons to pick from.

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Space Expedition

This retro platform game combines a variety of gameplay styles set in a vivid pixel-art universe. You have been charged as a brave astronaut with discovering the truth about a mystery space station. Explore new landscapes, solve challenging puzzles, and escape traps as you travel through space. However, danger lurks around every corner in the shape of terrifying beasts.

Complete objectives and avoid danger by using your quick thinking and problem-solving abilities. In addition to the thrills of exploration and survival, you’ll have the opportunity to pilot spaceships and operate machines. Demonstrate your bravery and battle abilities by engaging the enemy in epic open warfare.

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Mortal Crusade: Sword of Knight

in this RPG platformer game, you play as a youthful knight. You must travel hazardous dungeons and overcome hurdles to become a true hero. With your trusty sword by your side, you’ll face monsters, zombies, skeletons, and ferocious warriors. Discover hidden parts of the kingdom and new challenges using your talents and cunning. And beware of the countless boss encounters that await you, as you’ll need all your might and determination to overcome their powerful spells and emerge triumphant.

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JackQuest: The Tale of the Sword

Players embark on an action-packed adventure across a frightening planet in search of love in JackQuest: The Tale of the Sword. When Jack’s girlfriend Nara is abducted by an evil Orc, he embarks on a risky mission to rescue her from the tunnels beneath the city.

As Jack, you must navigate many challenging platforming levels, utilizing your abilities and wits to overcome obstacles and eliminate the Orc’s henchmen. You’ll find hidden locations and gain new skills as you progress through the game.

This game is a spectacular story of love and valour filled with dramatic combat and heart-pounding action.

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Dead Gunner

With pixel platformer, a fast-paced run-and-shoot game, you may experience the excitement of a traditional arcade platformer. As you proceed through five challenging stages, each culminating in an exciting boss encounter, you will face waves of attackers.

This game will bring you back to the golden age of gaming with its retro-style graphics and simple controls. As you race through each stage, you’ll need to keep alert to dodge hazards and defeat your opponents.

When you’ve completed the first four levels, a particular fifth stage will appear, ready for you to put your talents to the test and emerge victorious.

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Players in Daggerhood follow the adventurous exploits of Vincent, a proficient burglar with a one-of-a-kind weapon at his disposal. Vincent discovers that his magic blade allows him to teleport out of his jail after being sentenced to life in a deserted cave.

As Vincent, you’ll explore five large worlds with hundreds of hard levels in the classic pixel style of adventure platformers. You’ll avoid perils and defeat foes as you go through the game by using your quick reflexes and creative use of the magical dagger.

Daggerhood provides hours of fascinating gameplay, a captivating plot, and limitless levels to discover.

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Mighty Sword

Mighty Sword is a fast-paced 2D platformer with pixel art graphics that transports you back in time. You’ll take on the role of a brave hero on a mission to rescue captives from their captors. You’ll encounter many obstacles and foes along the road, each with its own set of skills and abilities.

Overcome obstacles and evade traps by using your quick reflexes and problem-solving abilities. As you proceed through each stage, your ultimate goal is to release three men from captivity. Mighty Sword provides a thrilling and enjoyable gaming experience by combining action and strategy.

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Super Gigadroid

In this game, you will pilot a gigaraid through a succession of dark dungeons in quest of an exit. You’ll need to collect weapons and energy to stay strong as you explore the maze-like tunnels, while avoiding opponent attacks and obstacles like stalactites and stalagmites. Super Gigadroid returns players back to the 1990s with pixel visuals and exciting gameplay through 12 challenging levels.

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Super Dangerous Dungeons

In Super Dangerous Dungeons, an 8-bit puzzle platformer that tests your skill and patience, you embark on a dangerous quest for treasure. As the best treasure hunter in the world, you will venture deep into strange tunnels in pursuit of a hidden prize.

But be warned: the voyage will not be easy. Precision movements and careful preparation are essential in Super Dangerous Dungeons. You’ll have to maneuver around challenging barriers and avoid danger at every step.

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Players will travel the world as Maria, a teenage sorceress seeking to vanquish the forces of evil that threaten it. The game, set in a mystery 16th-century castle, combines retro-style graphics with exploration-focused gameplay in the renowned Metroidvania genre.

As Maria, players must travel the castle and face different hurdles to confront the villainous Gaben, who has wreaked havoc on the planet by utilizing ancient relics and sorcery. Many brave people have sought to stop Gaben in the past, but none have been successful.

With a gripping plot and challenging gameplay that will keep players engaged from beginning to end, Sasaya promises to provide a unique and engaging gameplay experience for aficionados of the Metroidvania genre.

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Access Code Zero

The players play Bijou, a spy charged with penetrating the Quarantine Bay compound. The compound has been taken over by the separatist group HOMOGENES, and it is up to Bijou to recover critical research data and safely leave.

In order to achieve their job, gamers must travel to the Quarantine Bay as Bijou and overcome numerous hurdles. The game mixes retro-style aesthetics with exploration-focused gameplay in the popular Metroidvania genre, providing lovers of the genre with a unique and engaging gameplay experience.

Access Code Zero is a thriller filled with intrigue and danger, as Bijou must use all of their abilities and wits to outwit the rebels and achieve their objective.

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