10 Best Offline Games For Android and iOS

  • February 8, 2024
offline games
offline games for android and iOS

Here are some of the best offline games for iOS and Android devices that you should consider trying. Let us know what you think of this list in the comments section below.

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R.B.I Baseball 20

If you are a baseball fan, you shouldn’t miss these offline games. This is a fun baseball game to play. It is simple yet challenging. Realistic pitching options vary. There is an analog stick that you can use while the left stick is provided to place the pitch.

Download R.B.I Baseball 20: Android / iOS

Bit Dungeon 3

Even though it is a 2D game, it is interesting and challenging to play. You can play together with other players. While playing this game, you will find out random items that you can use to fight against the enemies to save the world.

Download Bit Dungeon 3: Android / iOS

Starlit On Wheels: SuperKart

In this game, you try to save your friend by joining the race. When you win each race, you will have a more powerful kart that you can use to conquer any tracks. So, you will be a true champion since there is no player can conquer the track.

Download Starlit On Wheels: SuperKart: Android / iOS

Way of the Turtle

There is a turtle that has a journey to reunite. The setting is on a tropical island, which has been cursed by evil magic. So, there are a lot of obstacles. However, you also find out what will help you get back to your home again.

Download Way of the Turtle: iOS

Juicy Realm

In this game, you will have enemies. They are fruits. So, you will have a battle against the fruits. You have to survive by finding out new gears and weapons to beat the fruits. You can ask for help from a few friends. So, they can help you to find out the secret of this strange world.

Download Juicy Realm: Android / iOS

Legend of the Skyfish 2

The main character in this game is Ametto Rosso. He is a little red riding hood and also a warrior. His primary weapons are a sword and a fishing rod. You can use The Sword to kill the enemy who is relatively nearby. However, when the enemy is quite far, he uses a fishing rod.

Download Legend of the Skyfish 2: iOS


Gris is a young girl who is in a lost world. She is dealing with a bad experience in her life. Along the journey, she will find a lot of stars. Those stars will follow her. You shall use them to build a road or bridge that Gris needs.

Download Gris: Android / iOS

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

The character in this game is a half-genie hero. She lives on a tropical island. She can dance. Dancing is the way that she can fight against the enemies. She explores the interconnected world to visit a lot of different towns.

Download Shantae and the Seven Sirens: iOS


From the name of this game, you might be able to predict the character. Yes. It is a spider. But it is a robot that is equipped with fascinating tools and technologies to explore and finish the mission. While playing this game, the camera can be adjusted to control or change the spyder direction easily.

Download Spyder : iOS

Beyond Blue

If you love something under the ocean, you have to play this game. Beyond Blue is a game in which you will be a researcher under the ocean. You discover new things in the deep sea, track and interact with the animals.

Download Beyond Blue : iOS

Finally, those are the 10 Best Offline Games for Android and iOS that you can try to entertain your day. Keep gaming and be happy!