10 Best Online Multiplayer Games for Android and iOS to Play with friends

  • November 4, 2023
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multiplayer game

Playing games with friends is always more fun. If you are looking for multiplayer games to play with your friends, here are 10 of the best options for Android and iOS. Give these games a try to enjoy a great multiplayer experience on your mobile device.

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Play Together

It’s a pretty fun multiplayer game where you can customize your character, decorate your house, fish to earn money, complete quests, and even go to school to attend classes. You also get to play arcade games against 29 friends/players, play nighttime zombie games with seven friends/players, and a lot more.

Download : Android / iOS

Pocket Pioneers

Experience real-time multiplayer gaming like you have never seen before on your mobile device, in an endearing world with players from over 130 countries! Begin your journey to build a new life in a bustling community of fellow Pioneers and help local citizens. Customize your Pioneer, decorate every corner of your homestead, explore the lands and make new friends along the way. Pocket Pioneers is a charming adventure simulation game where you can interact with thousands of players online, embark on limitless quests and discover the hidden magical secrets of a mysterious continent.

Download : Android / iOS (Not Available)

Marble Knights

This is a new multiplayer minigame: Bombing Blast and Lazer Orb Arena!

Sword-swinging fantasy meets marble mania! Roll into battle with Orbin, Marabelle, and the other Knights of the Round to defend King Rolland and the Kingdom of Roundingham from the evil Lord Terroball! Armed with your blade, your wits, and a variety of orb-based powers, you’ll smite foes, solve puzzles, and embark on an epic fantasy journey with up to three other players!

Download : Android (Not Available) / iOS

Pokemon Unite

Experience exciting 5-on-5 matches in Pokémon UNITE, with teams of five battling against each other and leveling up over the course of a match while completing objectives. The multi-lane map is even reminiscent of existing team strategy games. It’ll be a free-to-start strategic team battle game in development for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, with crossplay for multiplayer!

Download : Android / iOS (Both Pre-Register)

Flash Party

Flash Party is a Platform Fighting game featuring vibrant characters to battle your friends with. Jump, dodge, and deflect incoming attacks and unleash an array of fighting moves on your opponents. Deliver the smackdown by knocking them off the arena floor using your best combo!

Choose from 8 unique heroes, with more heroes to be added to the game in continuous updates. Master the distinct fighting arts of each hero and find the one that suits your own play style.

Download : Android / iOS (Both Early Access)

Smash Legends

Smash Legends is a thrilling real-time 3 vs. 3 action game. Jump right into the battle arenas in the Library World with appealing Legends whenever you want. And it’s free-to-play. Join the fun and play against players from multiple platforms such as Steam, iOS, and Android devices.

Download : Android / iOS

Cooking Pop

Join your Facebook friends to get your coins mania! Play in spins, attacks and raids to build your kingdom!

Spin to Earn Your Rewards by roll the dice then your fortune will come to you. Earning coins through spins isn’t the only way to get rich, you can steal and attack others to get coins too! Attack or raid friend to save enough loot to finish orders.

Build your Power Station, Weapons Station, Vault, and Defensive Base. Play with Friends, Communicate and trade cards with players all around the world to collect full sets quickly.

Download : Android / iOS


The all new real-time sandbox & combat game is here! Build, modify, fight! Welcome to the world of Astracraft! Unleash your creativity, build your ARMS, build your team, conquer the universe! Battlebots, ships, race cars.

The battle of creativity is limitless!

Download : Android / iOS

Sheep Squad

Sheep Squad brings a new level of immersive gameplay for fans of turn-based action-strategy games, fusing the very best of games like Worms, Bowmasters and Super Mario Maker to offer gamers ultimate control over their own battle arenas.
Choose from a variety of deceptively cute sheep characters – each with their own unique set of weapons and abilities – and battle it out in custom-built arenas featuring an array of traps and other awesome features.

Download : Android / iOS

Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a massively multiplayer party knockout game with up to 32 players online intention to struggle through levels round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains! If you fall, start again and run. Join the endless running fun!

Download : Android / iOS

So That is a wrap-up for today’s article 10 Best Multiplayer Games For iOS and Android to play with your friends. Comments down below, Let me know if you have an idea to improve this article. We’ll see you in the next posts. Enjoy the games!