10 Best Multiplayer Games for iOS and Android

  • November 8, 2023
multiplayer games
multiplayer games

What’s more fun than staving off hordes of enemies cooking up delicious meals or defusing a bomb in the world of video games, doing it all with your best friends and players from all over the world, of course? That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the 10 Best Multiplayer Games For iOS and Android you can get your hands on right now.

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Golf King – World Tour

One of the most recommended games which can be played by several players is Gold King – World Tour. The character can be customized as you wish. It is one of the best multiplayer games like a simulation game that makes you like truly in the golf arena. You, as a player, have to complete all challenges. The reward of each challenge is a card pack.

Download Golf King – World Tour : Android / iOS

Robot Battle

It is a straightforward multiplayer games yet interesting to play. Up to 4 players can play it. It is easy to control. You can choose different maps with different traps. You also can choose a robot and customize it with a unique hat.

Download Robot Battle : Android / iOS

Cluck Night

It is a game in which you can be a chicken or a human. If you want to be a human, your job is to protect the chickens from staying in the cage. However, the chickens are trying to get out of the cage.

Download Cluck Night : Android / iOS


It is a game in which you can shoot the other players in the battle arena. As a player, you have to upgrade your skill and strategy to climb to the top of the rank. Then, you can get new cyberpunk weapons like shotguns, automatic rifles, or attack drones.

Download Gridpunk : Android / iOS

Mini Legends

It is multiplayer gameplay in which the player can control one or more characters. When the player decides to control only one character or legend, the AI will control the others.

Download Mini Legend : Android / iOS

Bullet League

This game offers many different modes; Solo, Squad Random, and Friend Brawl. Regardless of different modes, you are allowed to play with 32 players. One of the most interesting features is that you can lock and shoot when you are falling.

Download Bullet League : Android / iOS

King of Crabs

This game can actually be played with up to 100 players. The setting is on an island with a lot of crabs, lobster, and other sea life. You need to eat and beat the other player so that you can unlock a new kind of crab.

Download King of Crabs : Android / iOS

Mini Motor Racing

It is a simple yet fun motor racing game. You only need to drive your car into to finish line. During racing, you have to hit the box to get a certain tool or weapon to beat the other cars.

Download Mini motor Racing : Android / iOS

Battle Bay

When you play this game, you have to join a group of five players. Then you have to beat the other group. Each group needs to destroy the ship with an explosive weapon.

Download Battle Bay : Android / iOS

Super Mega Mini Party

This game can be played either solo or up to 3 players. There are some optional characters in this game. And each character has his or her own personality. When you meet another player, you can approach them and decide the game you want to play.

Download Super Mega Mini Party : Android / iOS

So that’s it, a wrap-up of 10 Best Multiplayer Games For iOS and Android. If you like that kind of article, feel free to share it with your friends. We’ll see you in the next posts.