10 Best Strategy Games for iOS and Android

  • January 28, 2024
strategy game
strategy game

Strategy games challenge players to think critically and make decisions that will impact the game’s outcome. Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or new to the mobile gaming world, there’s something here for everyone. From classic turn-based games to fast-paced real-time strategy, this list has it all. So grab your phone or tablet and get ready to test your skills with these Top 10 Best Strategy Games for iOS and Android.

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Desta: The Memories Between

Desta: The Memories Between” is a turn-based strategy game that takes players on a journey through their own memories and regrets. Developed by the creators of the critically acclaimed game Monument Valley, this game offers a unique and immersive gameplay experience.

In these best strategy games, players are tasked with reliving memories and rediscovering old friends as they navigate through a world of dreams and regrets. Along the way, players must work to repair relationships and confront their own emotions as they seek to uncover the truth about their past.

Filled with beautiful, hand-drawn graphics and a compelling narrative, Desta: The Memories Between is a must-play for fans of strategy games and emotional storytelling.

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Iron Marines Invasion

Iron Marines: Invasion” is an epic space-age real-time strategy game that puts players in the role of the leader of a powerful army. In this game, you must defend the planet against the threat of the crimson vultures and raads, dangerous alien species that seek to conquer and destroy.

As the commander of the Iron Marines, it is your job to lead your troops into battle and emerge victorious. The game features a variety of unique missions set on exciting new planets, each with its own distinct terrain, enemies, and challenges. You’ll need to learn how to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious if you hope to restore order to the galaxy.

In “Iron Marines: Invasion,” you’ll have access to a wide range of units and weapons to help you in battle. Whether you prefer to engage in close combat with powerful melee units, or use long-range artillery to defeat your enemies from a distance, you’ll find the tools you need to succeed. So get ready to lead your army to victory and save the day in this thrilling RTS game.

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FurryFury: Smash & Roll

In “FurryFury,” players must use their skills to guide cute, fluffy creatures through deadly arenas and emerge victorious. The game can be played solo, with a friend, or against them. There is a wide selection of beasts to choose from, each with its own special abilities.

Players can customize their beast’s movement effects, victory quotes, and more. The game features fast-paced, simultaneous turns, allowing players to coordinate with their teammate and execute powerful combos. Even if a player is eliminated, they can still cause mischief as a ghost.

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Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus

In this brand-new, turn-based tactical strategy game, you are the mastermind behind some of the mightiest warriors in the galaxy. Every move is crucial as you engage in lightning-fast skirmishes, using your superior tactics to outmaneuver your opponents and emerge victorious.

As you expand your collection of troops, you will have the opportunity to explore new tactical possibilities across multiple factions. Each unit brings their own unique skills and abilities to the battlefield, allowing you to tailor your strategy to fit your playstyle. Whether you prefer to go it alone or team up with a friend, the choice is yours in this immersive, action-packed game.

But even if you fall in battle, you can still cause chaos as a ghost, disrupting your foes’ plans and potentially turning the tide in your favor. With fast-paced, simultaneous turns and the ability to customize your units’ move effects and victory quotes, Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus offers endless entertainment and strategic depth.

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European War 7: Medieval

In European War 7: Medieval, you can enjoy a leisurely, strategic experience that can be played over the course of several days. As you work towards your ultimate goal of conquering Europe, you will encounter unexpected battles that only you can tackle to uncover the true potential within. This game is a rewarding and enjoyable way to pass the time and hone your strategic skills.

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Frost & Flame: King of Avalon

As you raise your dragon and build your army, embark on a quest to wield the legendary sword Excalibur and become the ruling monarch. Along the way, experience the thrill of victory, forge alliances and rivalries with other players, and engage in chat, trade, and battle with people from all around the world in this multiplayer adventure.

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Marsaction: Infinite Ambition

Players in this exciting sci-fi gacha game are tasked with constructing and protecting their own Mars colony. The goal is to grow the colony, fortify its defenses, and repel invading alien insects as well as other players who may try to steal resources.

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Into The Breach

Players command advanced mechs in this turn-based strategy game in order to defeat an extraterrestrial threat. Every attempt to save the world introduces a new, randomly generated challenge.

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World War Armies

Players are pitted against each other in intense PvP combat in this multiplayer game, and they must rely on their strategic thinking and decision-making abilities to emerge victorious. Players must demonstrate their abilities as commanders in 1vs1 multiplayer strategy matches against their opponents. The ultimate goal is to become a legendary war commander by defeating all opponents and emerging victorious. Players can take on the roles of either General Guderian or Marshall as they compete to become the dominant force.

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Total War: Medieval 2

This is a well-known strategy game that combines turn-based and real-time tactical gameplay. This game is sure to keep players engaged for hours on end with 17 factions, various units, and gameplay elements such as strategy, diplomacy, and combat.

The setting is one of the game’s standout features; it adds an extra level of depth and immersion to the game by allowing players to experience each continent’s unique culture and history as they play.

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