Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android and iOS That You Shouldn’t Miss

  • January 1, 2024

In the world of mobile gaming, strategy takes center stage, and we’ve curated the “Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android and iOS That You Shouldn’t Miss.”

These games offer a riveting blend of tactical challenges and immersive experiences, from epic fantasy realms to futuristic galaxies. Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or a newcomer, each title on this list promises a unique journey where every decision shapes your destiny.

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Into the Breach

In “Into the Breach,” the last vestiges of human civilization face a perilous menace as colossal creatures breed beneath the Earth. Your mission is to command advanced mechs from the future, thwarting this alien threat. With each endeavour to save the world, you encounter a fresh, randomly generated challenge in this gripping turn-based strategy game.

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“Outlanders” is a town-building strategy game where you guide a community of hardworking individuals seeking a simpler life. Players use a catalogue of tools and buildings to help Outlanders achieve their goals, whether it’s surviving off the land or creating remarkable things. The unique aspect of the game is that players don’t directly control the individuals; instead, they influence the community by placing buildings, managing resources, and determining work assignments. As the game progresses, players observe the Outlanders autonomously making decisions about jobs, housing, and construction projects.

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The Unexpected Quest

“The Unexpected Quest” is an adventurous game set in a medieval fantasy world, combining strategy and management elements reminiscent of classics like Warcraft 3 and The Settlers. Players embark on quests, hunt for treasures, and strategically manage resources while engaging in building, battling, and magic casting to restore order to the enchanting realm.

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Warhammer Quest Silver Tower

Explore turn-based strategic battles set in the Age of Sigmar with Warhammer Quest Silver Tower! Immerse yourself in extensive campaigns or take on daily quests. Collect over 35 Champions from the Age of Sigmar, each offering distinct gameplay, weapons, and skills for an engaging and dynamic experience.

Download: Android or iOS

Black Powder Red Earth

Black Powder Red Earth is a real-time, minute-to-minute turn-based tactics game unfolding in the midst of a proxy conflict between a faltering petro-state dictatorship and a ruthless jihadist insurgency. Amid war-torn urban landscapes, players take charge of an advanced advisory and enabler unit, executing kinetic actions with complete lethal surrogacy to fulfill their mission objectives.

Download: Android or iOS

Acies Battle Runes

Acies: Battle Runes is a strategy game that emphasizes collaboration, allowing players to rise to the throne with friends. Featuring over 50 cards with unique abilities, engage in real-time 3v3 battles, summon and grow over 50 units, and enhance your strategy with 130 types of runes. This game offers dynamic gameplay, encouraging players to create personalized decks and overcome challenges with their growing units and strategic prowess.

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Castlelands is a real-time strategy (RTS) game where you defend your kingdom alongside a team of heroes, launching sieges to conquer enemy castles. Stand guard with archers, build your defence, and engage in epic battles. In this multiplayer game, team up with friends for PvP duels and claim resources to level up your units. With over 20 heroes and 9 battle towers, upgrade your skills and combine units to dominate in large-scale PvP matches. Castlelands offers a classic base-building RTS online and offline experience, where effective resource management and strategic command are key to victory.

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Frontline Eastern Front

“Frontline: Eastern Front” immerses players in challenging and fun strategic warfare, leading German forces to victory on the Eastern Front during World War II. This turn-based wargame offers an intense experience with various maps and battle scenarios, including blitzkriegs, trench wars, and aerial fights. Lead your army to victory through 30 historic battles, utilizing special abilities and counter-attacks. With over 170 unique units, level up and unlock active abilities for each and experience scripted events and battle objectives. No ads, intuitive controls, and a vast weapons arsenal make this game a must-try for turn-based strategy enthusiasts.

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Spaceland offers a dynamic turn-based strategy reminiscent of classic tactics games, blending action-packed battles with the charm of old-school science fiction. Land on a mysterious planet, assemble a daring team of 7 space rangers and uncover the secrets of this mystical world in battles inspired by classics like Incubation and Laser Squad. Engage in 10-15 minute battles, each ranger boasting a unique fighting style. Navigate a hand-drawn game world, facing 20 different enemies and upgrading futuristic equipment to enhance your squad’s abilities. Revel in rich dialogues, vibrant special effects, and confront treacherous bosses at the end of each story chapter, delivering an exciting twist to the turn-based strategy genre.

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Rogue Hearts

Immerse yourself in a modern take on rogue-like dungeon crawling with this strategic role-playing game (SRPG). Uncover a dark reality as you navigate diverse themed regions and delve into randomly generated dungeons controlled with optimized and intuitive mobile device commands. Confront deadly boss monsters, each with unique attack patterns, and triumph to earn valuable loot. With a mix of close combat and long-distance skills, strategically overcome battles, traps, and puzzles. Sharpen your self-judgment and control skills to navigate challenges, making this game a thrilling experience in the realm of SRPG and tactical games.

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