10 Best Strategy Games for Android and iOS

  • October 26, 2023
strategy games
strategy games

If you’re in search of a challenging and visually stunning strategy game for your Android or iOS device, you’re in luck. This list features 10 of the best strategy games available for mobile. These games offer complex gameplay, challenging scenarios, and immersive storylines, and are sure to provide hours of entertainment. So without further ado, let’s dive into the list.

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This is a Real-Time-Strategy games with a high emphasis on economy and other methods of victory over the military. It definitely is possible for a dominant military, but every unit counts, and sending them in to die needlessly hurts in the long run. Everything in this game has a purpose, each unit, villager type, and building do something. As a result, choosing a clan with specific bonuses encourages different strategies.

Download : Android / iOS

Ancestors Legacy: Vikings

Ancestors Legacy is a Real-Time-Strategy in the same style as Company of Heroes. You control squads of men, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and use combined arms tactics to win the day. There are a total of four factions: Vikings, Anglo Saxons, Germans, and Slavs. Each of their units plays differently enough to make them unique.

Download : Android / iOS

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

This game kinda like Warhammer meets Xcom without the RNG accuracy. Great soundtrack and sound design, as well as an actually interesting story.

The game achieves a tactical feel without relying on players mitigating for RNG. Instead, you feel like you have a bunch of walking swiss army knives and do your best to make use of them. Combined with the quirky resource management within combat a.k.a the cognition system – The game feels fresh and interesting.

Download : Android / iOS

Necromunda: Gang Skirmish

In the world of Necromunda, outlaws, bounty hunters, thieves and gunslingers are rivalled against one another; battling for dominance over territories in the Underhive, the lawless ruins at the bottom of a hive city. In Necromunda: Gang Skirmish players will control a gang working their way up in reputation and power in a series of multiplayer turn-based strategy engagements.

Download : Android / iOS

First Strike: Classic

this is a fast-paced real-time strategy game, You play one of the twelve biggest nuclear superpowers in the world. You basically control any of the countries that can yield nuclear weapons.

A simple game that is highly addicting. Nothing is more amazing than gathering up a bunch of provinces and then launching a first strike against an unsuspecting enemy. 

Download : Android / iOS

Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee

Dungeon of the Endless executes the roguelike genre excellently by offering an assortment of playable characters, rule sets, and randomized levels. Your characters start off crashed on an alien planet at the bottom of a closed facility and must make their way to the elevator room for the floor.

Gameplay is intuitive and subtly complex requiring careful planning and mastery of the mechanics to successfully fend off hoards of enemies potentially lurking behind each closed door. Victory is rewarding and more options become available as you unlock characters and different rule sets.

Download : Android / iOS

Infinite Galaxy

In this Galaxy full of fantasy and conflict, you can start by repairing your Spaceport. Then you will build your flagship, defeat space pirates, explore the Galaxy, form an alliance with like-minded Commanders, and come across one moving story after another.

Download : Android / iOS

The Battle of Polytopia

Civilization light is the best way to describe this game. The game has a very simple concept with a few units, a little research, and a lot of fun! Each tribe has its units and benefits which makes each game slightly different. There have been several expansions with more and more tribes. Multiplayer is also been added to this game which gives It even more replayability. The game is good to go If you like the Civilizations game

Download : Android / iOS


Outlanders is a charming town-builder simulation game that lets you play as the leader of a group of regular people building a town together. Some want to survive, while others want to build amazing things. It’s up to you to guide them towards their goal.

Take control of the will of a town leader and balance your resources carefully to lead the town to prosperity. Every choice you make directly affects the progress of your town and has an impact on the happiness of your followers.

Download : Android (Not Available) / iOS

War & Conquer

The game adopts RTS combat mode, innovative color lead hand-painted art style, different terrains, weather, and events will create a real war environment. The rich and diverse war armaments allow you to match all kinds of unique troops. You will Direct the army to participate in the battle in person, use your fingertips to perform different war arts, and present you a perfect world war.

Download : Android / iOS

So That’s a wrap-up for today’s article of 10 Best Strategy Games Android and iOS. Comments down below and Let me know if you have an idea to improve this article. We’ll see you in the next posts. Enjoy the games!