10 Best Offline Adventure Games for iOS and Android

  • October 8, 2023
adventure games
adventure games

Offline adventure games are a great choice for players who love to explore and challenge themselves to complete missions. These games are also convenient for those who don’t have an internet connection. If you’re looking for a thrilling and visually stunning adventure game to play offline on your iOS or Android device, check out this list of 10 top-rated options. So without further ado, let’s dive into the list.

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Eden Renaissance

If you love a puzzle adventure game, this game is a perfect choice for you. The game takes place in a luxurious world that gives you an incredible storyline. In this game, you are a young archaeologist who explores and unlock the character’s journey to save the world.

Download Eden Renaissance: FREE – Android

Love You to Bits

The game is a puzzle-filled adventure and super cute which is really great for you who love great and stunning visuals. Your mission is looking for Nova, Cosmo’s robot girlfriend. The game will certainly challenge you because it is full of the fantastic and strangest world.

Download Love You to Bits: PAID – Android / iOS

Valiants Hearts The Great War

This game is very interactive and unique which is absolute will make you having fun while playing the game. The game is about four heroes and full of actions and adventures.

Download Valiants Hearts The Great War: FREE – Android / iOS

The Cave

If you love unique and challenging adventures, this game is an ideal choice for you. The game is about a mysterious cave that you have to explore and solve the puzzle. Keep exploring and unlock the stories.

Download The Cave: PAID – Android

Toby: The Secret Mine

The main task of this game is to find kidnapped people and returned them to their village. This game is truly challenging with plenty of fun challenges and difficult obstacles to overcome.

Download Toby: The Secret Mine: PAID – Android / iOS


It is one of the best adventure games for android and iOS. Your main mission is to discover and unlock the beautiful world of this game and help the character on his journey to get his abilities and transform the world.

Download Nihilumbra: FREE & PAID – Android / iOS

Chronology – Time changes

It also one of the best offline adventure games iOS and Android. The game provides a puzzle adventure which is really challenging. In this game, you have to fix the present time by manipulating the past and the future. You can combine two different characters that have different abilities to fix that.

Download Chronology: FREE – Android / iOS

Red’s Kingdom

The mission of this game is to help the character of this game to find the missing nuts. The game has a truly stunning and charmingly epic puzzle adventure. Solve the obstacles and puzzles to find new routes and places to explore.

Download Red’s Kingdom: PAID – Android / iOS

Lumino City

This game is suitable for you who like to explore a unique city and solve puzzles. You have to solve the puzzles to help people who live in this city. With the uniqueness and beautiful graphic of this game, it is sure will impress you.

Download Lumino City: PAID – Android / iOS


It is an offline adventure platformer game that tells about a young woman who wants to know about the final days of her world. Help her by solving the puzzles and manipulating the environment.


Well, those are the 10 best offline adventure games for iOS and android that you can try right now. Keep gaming and be happy!