10 Best Roguelike Games Pixel Art for iOS and Android

  • October 8, 2023
roguelike games
roguelike games

There are many roguelike games available now, but not all of them offer the same level of features and quality. To help you find the best options, here are 10 of the top roguelike pixel art games for iOS and Android. If you’re not familiar with the term “roguelike,” you can learn more about it in the linked article.

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This game is one of the best roguelike games that take place on a spaceship. The main character in this game being unconscious for about 3 days and he forgot what happened to him. Thus, your task is to help him find the truth make him remember what has happened.

Download Ailment: FREE – Android / iOS

Soul Knight

For you who love to become a knight, this game is truly recommended. In this game, you can collect weapons, dodge bullets, and explore the dungeon. The game is easy to control, which is great. Moreover, the game is also super enjoyable gameplay.

Download Soul Knight: FREE – Android / iOS

Elemental Dungeon

This game is an ideal choice for those who love to explore dungeons. Furthermore, you can also use many elements to cast some powerful spells. Moreover, you have to find some powerful items in this game to solve the mysteries of the dungeon.

Download Elemental Dungeon: FREE – Android / iOS


As its name, the main point in this game is the caves. You can dig up the caves by using magic or a high-technology pickaxe. Therefore, the game is really interesting. Furthermore, you can also freely customize your character.

Download Caves: FREE – Android

Shattered Pixel Dungeon

It is one of the roguelike games that have a lot of variety and replayability. Moreover, the game also has randomized enemies and levels which is very unique. Furthermore, the game also provides you four different playable characters and 150 items that you can collect and use.

Download Shattered Pixel Dungeon: FREE – Android / iOS

Space Grunts

It is one of the best pixel art games that you have to try. The game mixes an arcade action with a turn-based game. The mission is to find a way to the moon base and figure out what is happened. Fight all of the enemies and reveal the truth.

Download Space Grunts: PAID – Android / iOS

Trigger Heroes

In this game, your mission is to kill the enemies and help people in this game world take back their planet from evil. Thus, this game is a super exciting roguelike game.

Download Trigger Heroes: FREE – Android / iOS

Rust Bucket

This game is one of the dungeon crawler games. The game is a perfect choice for you who love something challenging. It is also perfect for your daily gameplay. You can explore many dungeons in this game and discover the secrets.

Download Rust Bucket: FREE & PAID – Android / iOS

Quest of Dungeon

It is a dungeon crawler game that has a stunning and artistic look. Besides, you can choose some characters, such as a wizard, a shaman, a warrior, and others, to kill the enemies. You have to beat them up and master the game.

Download Quest of Dungeon: PAID – Android / iOS

Crypt of the Necrodancer

This is a hardcore rhythm based roguelike game. You must move on the beat to navigate procedurally generated dungeons while battling.

If you like a hardcore roguelike game, this game is a perfect choice for you. You have to beat the zombies, dragons, and dancing skeletons, to win the game.

Download Crypt of Necrodancer: PAID – iOS

That’s it a wrap-up of today’s list of 10 Roguelike Pixel Art Games for iOS and Android. If you want to ask something about the article above, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section on this article. Thanks for Reading, We’ll See You In The Next Posts.