20 Offline Beautiful Platformer Games for Android and iOS

  • October 16, 2023
Platformer Games
platformer games

Playing games is always enjoyable. If you’re looking for stunning and visually appealing platformer games for your iOS or Android device, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 20 of the best offline platformer games that you should try. These games offer beautiful graphics, immersive gameplay, and challenging levels, and are sure to provide hours of entertainment. If you’re not familiar with the term “platformer,” you can check out the definition in the linked article. Without further ado, let’s get into the list.

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This game is incredible. The art, the music, the emotion. It’s phenomenal. The gameplay is that of a platform puzzle game. The whole journey is amazing. Getting through the story is fairly quick, but there are a few collectibles along the way and a sort of in-game achievement system to give you a little more to do. If you like art and music, this is a must-own.

Download : Android / iOS


This is a relaxing, hold-down-right-button “game”. The puzzles are tremendously basic, not really worth calling puzzles; it’s more a temporary distraction from the scenery. But, the scenery: if you don’t expect a GAME, and you use your imagination and lose yourself in the ARTISTRY, it’s a lovely little 2- or 3-hour experience.

Download : Android (Not Available) / iOS


Oddmar is one of the best action platformers out there. It does everything right. The hand-drawn artwork is console-quality gorgeous, the music is fitting, it’s got fully-voiced narration and cut scenes, the platforming is as good as Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and the story is compelling.

Being a mobile game, levels are kept short with frequent checkpoints, but there are plenty of collectibles, secrets, and dream sequences to go back for.

Download : Android / iOS

Playdead’s Inside

If you love Little Nightmares or Limbo you’ll definitely love Inside! I’ve felt so much emotion playing this game and find it unique! It’s a game that requires all your brain cells to crack some of the most hardest puzzles more complex than the puzzles in Limbo. The puzzles can be tricky but very awarding once you finish them, and the whole build-up to try to understand what is happening is so suspenseful yet somewhat exciting. the artwork, sound, story, and everything is so beautiful

Download : Android (Not Available) / iOS


This is a surprisingly good point & click adventure with arcade elements. The story is about a young boy and his dog, who live through happy times, until the dog is abducted by an evil CEO for his nefarious plans, and the boy must go on a quest to rescue his furry friend.

This game is very fun. It is on the shorter side, great for a lazy afternoon, and just challenging enough to be interesting without getting frustrating. Cute animation and a good variety of puzzles.

Download : Android / iOS (Not Available)

A Boy and his Blob

a very charming puzzle platformer with some very clever level and art design.

The very slow pace might turn off quite some players though: movement and also your blob companion are reacting pretty much like chewing gum, but one gets used to it pretty fast.

Graphics are still very good too, although there could have been more to update it.
The games a bit lighthearted and is not all that of a long journey.

Download : Android (Has been removed by Google) / iOS


 It is an adventure game with beautiful environments and soundtrack which both are compromised of exploration, puzzle-solving and collecting.

Players discover a superbly paper architected pop-up world that folds and unfolds at their fingertips to resolve puzzles and make progress. Tengami has a hanging minimalistic artwork taste impressed by way of Traditional Japanese arts and crafts.

Download : Android / iOS


Do you need a short game away from the noise of action and fighting? then you really need this distinctive game, the simplicity of the game and its beautiful story make a game worthy of respect despite being short, containing some puzzles with amazing graphics with the size of this small game

Download : Android / iOS


Grimvalor is a great Metroidvania action RPG for mobile, packed with a great atmosphere and an intriguing level design, but also a terrific combat system and many different enemies and bosses to fight with.

Download : Android / iOS

Dodo Master

In this game, you will play a bird whose job is to find a way out of the castle where he is locked up. But before you can get out, you must collect the eggs that have been stolen from you.

Master 80 uniquely crafted Levels hidden behind 20 mysterious doors promising hours of challenging and enjoyable gameplay.

Download : Android / iOS (Removed by Apple)

Lost Socks

Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers is an invigorating run and gun platfomer game with in excess of 30 levels packed full of all kinds of characters, bonuses, obstacles, and colorful game locations. This game will be cherished by casual gaming fans. despite the fact that the gameplay may be somewhat troublesome.

Download : Android / iOS (Removed by Apple)

Never Alone Ki Edition

A game about an Inuit folk story where you switch between two characters, a girl named Nuna and a fox.

what I enjoyed about this game was the story that you unlock along the way as you approach owls. The narration was great, I like the fact that instead of English the narration was done in Alaska’s Inuit languages which goes perfectly with the theme of this game. The sounds also fit the game just fine, it is not something that will blow your mind (or rather ears) but it is neither good nor bad. The graphics are okay from my perspective.

This game recommended for those who want to wind down. Possibly to those who would like to learn something about the Inuit folklore and traditions.

Download : Android / iOS


Hue holds all the elements of a satisfying puzzle-platformer. While not groundbreaking, puzzles are well-paced and their concepts can be fairly intriguing with deceptive complexity. The controls are nice and smooth, which is convenient since Hue has a surprising emphasis on timing every so often.

The silhouetted visuals properly fit the game’s premise. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to distinguish between yellow, gold, and lime. Dying can feel like an unnecessary inclusion as it became frustrating within the lengthier puzzles. The story isn’t as compelling as it pretends to be, but it and the calm music help set a thoughtful mood throughout.

Download : Android / iOS

Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne is a beautiful puzzle-platformer adventure with a magical story about Anne in the Forgotten Lands.

This game is only a few hours long, but the story is very intriguing and the Forgotlings are cute. The platforming parts were too long at times. But the characters and dialogue made up for it. You can also make some decisions to alter the story.

Download : Android / iOS


This is a 2D puzzle platformer Games set in a steampunk-inspired vision of medieval Europe, play as a young boy who must uncover the secrets of the abandoned Tesla Tower and fulfill his destiny to become the last Teslamancer.

Gameplay is focused around the concept of using electromagnetism to solve puzzles and explore your surroundings. Players can charge environmental objects into one of two distinct magnetic poles (blue or red). Similarly charged objects will repel each other, while opposingly charged objects will attract each other. Players will also encounter oscillating electromagnetic fields which follow the same game mechanics, and can be used to propel players both horizontally and vertically in order to reach new areas or avoid hazards.

Download : Android / iOS


Wenjia is a fun platformer. You play as a cat that enjoys jumping and have the power to pass your material body between two different realms, it sounds big but all it does actually is making a climbable platform or a wind to appear here and there so you can progress.

There are orbs that you can collect for extra in each level, and your rank is based on collecting them and the time you spent on each level. You don’t gain any extra powers or anything, just a better rank, and it is not necessary to finish the game.

Download : Android / iOS

The Beggar’s Ride

The Beggar’s Ride is a casual puzzle platforming adventure with a well-told story. The game starts off fairly easy, and new mechanics are introduced as you discover mask abilities. You use this mask to enter God State to manipulate the area. By moving the earth, controlling the sun and moon, and making it rain, you solve puzzles to progress. 

Download : Android / iOS

Toby: The Secret Mine

Toby’s art style is somewhere between that of LIMBO and Feist, taking LIMBO’s bleak foreground and adding a splash of colour in the background to create the various landscapes you find yourself in. This art style works well for this kind of game as can be seen in the other games and Toby is no exception. The characters and objects throughout the game all look really good and the splash of colour adds some vibrancy to the game, making it a little less despressing than LIMBO

Download : Android / iOS

Paper Monsters Recut

This is a cute platforming game with a paper mache type of graphics. However, there are no main changes to the character, no power-ups, it just jumps and double jumps. Sometimes, it can get a bit boring, although there are several stage/theme changes. It’s not a difficult platformer, and there’s some sort of replayability to collect all collectibles. Still, there’s almost no action on this, just pure family-friendly platforming.

Download : Android / iOS

Typoman Mobile

This is a short yet brilliant little game. The art style and execution feel fresh. Typoman makes clever use of words to fashion the world you traverse and the enemies you encounter. The puzzles require the player to create words from available letters that will produce some effect on the environment — moving objects, creating barriers, etc — that are needed in order to progress. This is packed into a nice little story with some collectibles to find along the way. Good command of small English words is required as well as their opposites in some cases. There are also two mini-games that challenge you only with the game’s core mechanics.

Download : Android / iOS (Removed by Apple)

So That’s a wrap-up for today’s article on the 10 Best Offline Platformer Games For iOS and Android. Comments down below, Let me know if you have an idea to improve this article. We’ll see you in the next posts. Enjoy the games!