10 Best Offline Games for Android and iOS

  • January 2, 2024
offline games for android ios
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Playing games can be an enjoyable way to pass the time. If you are looking for offline games to play on your Android or iOS device, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share with you the third part of our list of the 10 Best Offline Games for Android and iOS. Let’s get started.

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Rogue Depths

In this game, players must battle against fierce monsters and explore seemingly endless dungeons. To advance to the next level, players must upgrade their character. The game offers two control options: virtual analog or touch screen.

Download Rogue Depths : Android / iOS

Flying Slime

The story of this game revolves around building a homeland for slimes. To do this, players must fly through a forest, moving up and down, right and left, to shorten or lengthen their vine. While this may sound simple, the game becomes more challenging as players advance to higher levels with more obstacles to navigate.

Download Flying Slime : Android / iOS

Dark Raider

This is a pixel art retro action game that is new in the industry, but has quickly gained popularity among fans of this genre. The game features many dungeons and enemies that players must face. If you enjoy pixel art games, you will likely enjoy this game.

Download Dark Raider : Android / iOS


If you enjoy RPG games, this game will likely be to your liking. As you explore and fight enemies, you will be accompanied by engaging music. Although there is only one character available, players can choose from a variety of abilities to suit their playstyle.

Download Vengeance : Android / iOS

Run Sackboy Run

In this game, you play as Sackboy, a character who must constantly run to collect coins and earn rewards. Be careful, as there are many obstacles that you must avoid while running. This game offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience.

Download Run Sackboy Run : Android / iOS

Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron

This is an air combat game in which players control their ship by moving it right and left to shoot enemies and avoid incoming bullets. To win, players must upgrade the skills of their squadrons. This game offers fast-paced, exciting gameplay.

Download Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron : Android / iOS

Abi: A Robot’s Tale

This game tells the story of two robots on a journey to find a lost bird. The game is visually stunning, with well-designed settings and detailed characters that make it a pleasure to play. The robots’ journey is filled with challenges and obstacles, providing an engaging gameplay experience.

Download Abi: A Robot’s Tale : Android / iOS

Dead End Job

In this game, players control a grunt who has been tasked with busting ghosts in a city. The grunt uses a ghost vacuum and ghost blaster to defeat the ghosts and save civilians who have been trapped. This game offers challenging gameplay and a fun storyline.

Download Dead End Job : Apple Arcade

Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale

This is a traditional action RPG game that features the iconic music of Yaga. When you play the game, you will explore a village and encounter a variety of challenges. The game has beautiful visuals but can become blurry when zoomed in. Overall, it offers an enjoyable gameplay experience.

Download Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale : Apple Arcade

Stranded Sails

The main goal of this game is to build a community and help them sail on a large ship. As a player, you must gather the necessary resources to build a giant ship for the community. The game takes place on a small island, where players must use their abilities to succeed. This game offers unique and engaging gameplay.

Download Stranded Sails : Apple Arcade

So those are the third part of our list of the 10 best offline games for iOS and Android. We hope you found these games interesting and will give them a try to entertain yourself. Keep gaming and have fun!