10 Best Offline Platformer Games for iOS and Android

  • February 14, 2024
offline Platformer games
offline Platformer games

Offline platformer games are a type of game that typically features 2D graphics and allows players to control characters who can jump, climb, shoot, and defeat enemies as they navigate platforms on the screen. These games do not require an internet connection to play, making them a great option for entertainment on the go. If you’re looking for some fun offline platformer games for your iOS or Android device, check out this list of 10 options you can try right now. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list.

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Guntoss: Cyborg Arm

The game has a set of times in 2025. The story of the game is about evil robots who want to destroy the world. Thus, the team of the game comes as a lifesaver. This team has five different heroes who are responsible to fight against the evil robots. Your task is to kill all the evil robots and save the earth.

Download Guntoss: Cyborg Arm: FREE – Android / iOS

Ultimate reality

It is a pixel art platformer where you are a superhero in this game. The game has multiple different levels and maps that you can play and explore which are really great and stunning. It is absolutely one of the best platformer games android and iOS.

Download Ultimate reality: FREE – Android

Cookies Must Die

In this game, you are a real hero who has to kill as many enemies as you can. You can smash or crash to kill them. The enemies are sweets characters but they are dangerous. It is easy to play but hard to master the gameplay.

Download Cookies Must Die: FREE – Android / iOS

Rumble Squad

This is a pixel art platform game in a pretty pixel worldwith pixel dungeon enemies. Jump and shoot your enemies. You can play it with another player and change the look of your character as you want.

Download Rumble Squad: FREE – Android

My Diggy Dog 2

In this game, you can explore the dungeon full of challenging puzzles and a variety of equipment that you can use to beat the levels.

Download My Diggy Dog 2: FREE & PAID – Android / iOS

Destiny of Khando

It is an action-platformer pixel art game. The game has some features such as fifteen different levels and five different worlds. The game is absolutely stunning and great to play, especially for you who like an action game.

Download Destiny of Khando: FREE – Android

Odd Eye

The story of the game is about a young woman who has many different colors of eyes. She is also the last human in the world and wants to know about what happened. Thus, your mission is to help her find the truth by solving the puzzles and finding the hints to reveal the truth.

Download Odd Eye: FREE – Android / iOS


It is a pixel platformer game that full of challenging obstacles to fight. The game is absolutely one of the best offline platformer games that you have to try.

Download Reed: PAID – Android / iOS

Projection: First Light

The game is about a journey of a young girl in a strange world. She explores the world with an assistant of legendary heroes from each culture she explored. The game takes place in an exclusive place with the history of shadow popped world that involved China, Indonesia, Turkey, and 19th century of England.

Download Projection: First Light: SUBSCRIPTION – APPLE ARCADE


This game is a perfect choice for you who like action and adventure games. In this game, there are three playable characters thatare interconnected in three different stories.


Finally, those are the best 10 offline platformer games for iOS and android that are really challenging and stunning for you to play. Happy Gaming!