Top 10 Best City Building Games Android and iOS That You Should Play

  • December 30, 2023

City building games have become popular on Android and iOS platforms, allowing players to create and manage virtual metropolises. These games often involve strategic planning, resource management, and the construction of various structures to develop a thriving city. So here’s a compilation of the 10 best city-building games available on Android and iOS

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Settlement Survival

Take charge in this city-building adventure as you guide a group of survivors on a quest for a fresh home. Shape the landscape, oversee scarce resources, cultivate crops, hunt wildlife, gather essential materials, and establish trade routes to construct a vibrant and distinctive town.

Download: Android or iOS


Construct and oversee your ideal city in this captivating simulation game. Craft distinctive urban landscapes with seamless mobile compatibility. Unleash your creativity and mould the metropolis of your dreams.

Download: Android or iOS


Lead Tropico to greatness as El Presidente in this mobile city-building game. Modernize the Caribbean paradise, shaping it into a tourist haven, industrial powerhouse, or police state. Manage every aspect, from infrastructure to policies, with an intuitive touch interface. Enjoy expanded features from the Absolute Power expansion pack and additional missions, including llama herding and cosmic adventures, available through in-app purchases. The destiny of Tropico is in your hands!

Download: Android or iOS

Simcity Buildit

Become the hero mayor of your own bustling metropolis in this popular mobile city-building game! Design and expand your city, making crucial decisions to keep citizens happy and your skyline thriving. Strategically place buildings, solve real-life challenges like traffic and pollution, and provide essential services. Unlock landmarks, build diverse neighbourhoods, and explore new technologies, all while battling monsters and competing in Club Wars. Join Mayor’s Clubs to trade supplies, collaborate on visions, and climb the league ranks in the Contest of Mayors. Work together, lead, and watch your city come to life with unique rewards and endless possibilities!

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Pocket City

Experience a delightful and straightforward city-building adventure! Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones, complete quests for advisors, and construct services and recreational buildings. Keep an eye on crime and disasters while witnessing your city flourish. Enjoy triggering events like block parties or tornadoes, earn XP and money through quests, and unlock advanced buildings by levelling up. Expand your city across different terrains, optimize cash flow, traffic, and happiness, and savour the dynamic atmosphere with animated citizens, vehicles, and animals.

Download: Android or iOS

Pocket Build

Embark on a limitless adventure and build your fantasy world in Pocket Build! This open-world sandbox game allows you to unleash your creativity without any restrictions. Craft castles, houses, farms, bridges, and more with a vast array of items. With a huge open world, stunning 3D graphics, and the freedom to build instantly, the possibilities are endless. Command humans, collect resources, and continuously expand with new items added in each update. Whether it’s creating a city, a castle, or a unique adventure, Pocket Build lets you build anywhere in this expansive open world.

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Megapolis is a city-planning simulator infused with economic strategy, where meticulous attention to detail is evident. Like many games of this genre, your objective is to construct the largest metropolis, involving typical elements such as infrastructure development, scientific advancements, industrial growth, resource extraction, city expansion, and construction. However, Megapolis goes beyond the norm by requiring careful monitoring of the city’s economy and its global impact. As mayor, you can seamlessly integrate additional roles, allowing you to explore opportunities such as becoming an oil tycoon or a prominent developer.

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Little Big City 2

Embark on a city-building adventure in this top-notch simulation game, transforming a tropical island into the thriving metropolis of your dreams. Collaborate with the quirky Mayor and cohorts to shape your city’s destiny. Choose your expansion style, whether as an industrial tycoon, technological prodigy, or cultural artisan. Visit friends’ cities, unlock unique landmarks, and strategically build to attract new citizens. Dive into the engaging story, make important decisions with the wacky Mayor, heed advisors’ advice, and navigate spontaneous events. Stay updated with breaking Daily News reports showcasing your latest achievements in this lively and dynamic city management experience.

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Monopoly Tycoon

Enter the exciting world of MONOPOLY Tycoon, where Mr. MONOPOLY has chosen you to become the ultimate real estate tycoon! Transform the traditional flat board into a vibrant 3D city with live traffic and citizens, each with its own character. Buy properties, build houses and hotels, collect rent, and strive to be the wealthiest. Complete missions, help inhabitants achieve their dreams, and make strategic deals in the auction house. Experience Monopoly like never before, with iconic elements adapted for a fast-paced race to wealth. Unlock new cities, make wise investments, and become the ultimate real estate tycoon!

Download: Android or iOS


Create charming island towns with winding streets, quaint hamlets, majestic cathedrals, intricate canal networks, or elevated sky cities on stilts. Shape the town of your dreams, one block at a time.

Townscaper is more of an experimental passion project with no specific goals or structured gameplay than a traditional game. Immerse yourself in the joy of building and the allure of beauty. Utilize the palette to select colours, place coloured blocks on the irregular grid, and witness the magic of Townscaper’s algorithm as it transforms these blocks into adorable houses, arches, stairways, bridges, and lush backyards, adapting to their unique configurations.

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